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We’re on a mission to provide resources and practical tips to pet people

Practical Training Tips for Pet People

At Pets and Their People, we’re on a mission to provide resources and practical tips to pet people…with a dose of encouragement and humor! So, if your cat is counter surfing or your dog’s digging up the garden, we’re here for you! Take a deep breath and enjoy diving into these helpful tips from our expert contributors:


Is Your Cat Counter Surfing? The PPG Cat Committee Has an Answer!

If the cat is getting on the counter to access a window, cover the window with a temporary blind or window film.

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Teach Your Cat to Like the Carrier – You Got This!

First, put the carrier in a part of the house frequented by your cat, so your cat gets used to seeing it. If the only time your cat ever goes into the carrier is for a vet visit, he’ll likely hate the carrier. – Allison Hunter-Frederick, Cat Behavior Consultant, Trainer, and Educator.

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Managing and Training Fearful Equids

Talking to your animal can be soothing and can help prepare them for what comes next as they start to recognize patterns in your speech and form associations between certain words and events. Predictability is important for fearful equids, so you can help your animals by purposely creating these associations. – Michelle Martiya, certified animal trainer who works with all species and specializes in fearful and feral equids. 

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Jumpy Dogs – Key Strategies That Might Surprise You

Dogs that have their emotional and social needs met are likely to jump less and less as you are meeting their needs. – Caroline Ward, UK based dog trainer and managing director of  FITdogs Club.

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Excessive Barking – Are There Any Quick Fixes That Are Humane?

Keep them busy – Physical and mental exercise is essential to prevent boredom barking…Use puzzle toys and do scent work games if you’re unable to do a lot of physical activity. – Petrina Firth, Dog Trainer and Certified Animal Behaviorist who also creates content, lessons and articles for the Zigzag puppy training app and website. 

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Dog Digging Holes in Flower Beds

Digging is really fun for your dog, so another option, is to give your dog an area where he can dig. This can be a corner of your yard, or you can build a raised flowerbed, or even fill a child’s wading pool with dirt for him to dig in. I like to hide fun things in the digging pit: balls, chews, toys, etc. – Judy Luther, Pet Professional Guild Canine Committee Chair.

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