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Prepare Your Dog for Fireworks and Thunderstorm Season

While the Fourth of July can be great fun for us humans, the loud bangs can be dreadful and terrifying for many dogs. As compassionate pet parents, we all know how important it is to come up with a preparedness plan for this holiday’s celebrations. We are here to help to get you ready in the weeks before the holiday.


Boston Terrier wearing stars and stripes glasses
Photo provided by Kim Silver
  • Understand Why Dogs are Scared
  • Learn How to Create a Safe Place
  • Discover Training Games
  • Prepare the Days Before the Fourth
  • Products to Support Your Dog
  • How We Can Help



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An Excerpt:

More dogs are lost over the Fourth of July holiday than any other time of the year. But whether it’s year-round fireworks, thunder, ambulances, balloons popping, or any other scary sounds, it’s never too early to prepare your dog. With training, you can help desensitize your dog to become less afraid.




About the Author

Building Bonds, located in southern Arizona, provides Family Dog Mediation, Manners, and Life Skills for dogs and their people locally and through video consultation. Owner, Kim Silver is a Professional Canine Trainer- Accredited, Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner, and a Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor.

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