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Product Review: KONG Flyangle ™

Some might say I’m a bit of a dog toy addict.

We have inside toys and outside toys. The outside toys need to be durable. They take a beating with all the tossing, bouncing or rolling on the ground, and two dogs playing with them. The KONG Flyangle™ doesn’t disappoint.

Collage of the KONG Flyangle toy and a dog playing with the toy
The KONG Flyangle™ can be used to help teach ‘Take it’ and ‘Drop’ ©Kelly Fahey


Why We Love The Flyangle™…

  • Easy for dogs (and puppies) to pick up when it’s laying flat on the ground
  • Light for its size
  • Very durable
  • It floats for water fun– use it in the doggie pool, take it to the river, lake, pond, or ocean, or play with it in your pool!
  • Multiple ends allow two dogs to tug on it and run with it, together.
  • Multiple ends allow you to keep your hands on one side while dog grabs another side.
  • Fun for impromptu games of tug
  • Great to teach “take it” and “drop”- plenty of room to hold on to.
  • Can fly like a frisbee
  • Can use to play catch
  • Comes in handy to redirect an excitable, biting puppy– plenty of room between one end of the toy and your hands!

I’ve got an idea to make the Flyangle ™ into a fun, indoor, enrichment game. Stay tuned while I test it out…


About the Author

A stocky brown dog reaching up to kiss article author Kelley Fahey.Kelly Fahey is the owner of PupScouts of Hunterdon. She is a puppy specialist and a Certified SA Pro Separation Anxiety Specialist. Kelly specializes in helping puppy parents navigate through the excitement and chaos of puppyhood and serves clients all over the country. Her family has raised 24 Seeing Eye puppies in addition to fostering puppies, and raising her own, personal puppies. Kelly’s vast puppy experience has helped her create a unique program for her clients to help turn the chaos to calm. In addition to helping clients with their puppy journey, Kelly enjoys assisting clients with overcoming the guilt, stress, and overwhelm of having a dog with separation anxiety and providing a plan so their dogs can be relaxed and calms while they are gone. You can reach Kelly through her website.

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