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The “Keeping Your Cool” Issue


The July 2022 Issue of Pets and Their People focuses on tips, tools and resources to help you and your pets stay cool, even if things get a little heated.

Yes – ‘heated’ in the literal sense – be sure to take a look at the article from The DogSmith on preventing heatstroke in pets. But, even if you’re joining us from a part of the world that isn’t very warm right now, there’s still plenty in this issue that you don’t want to miss!

From ‘pet peeves’ like too much barking or pet hair on the furniture to safer dog-dog interactions and dog-human interactions, our expert contributors offer practical advice with a dose of empathy.

It’s okay…everyone gets hot under the collar – or pet harness- from time to time. That’s why we’re here for you and your furry companions. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy summer (or winter) to spend with us!

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