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Therapy Work for Pet Dogs

Many people feel that their dogs are missing out on something as a pet, or feel that others could also enjoy their dogs. Therapy work is a great way to give your dog a job that can improve life for both you and your dog, and also people in your community.



For dogs with very calm temperaments and basic training, there are many opportunities for you both to pay visits to specific places such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes, and other workplaces to offer help to others.

Therapy work aids people in a variety of ways including calming stress at college or the workplace, comforting victims of traumas and natural disasters, offering support during occupational and mental health therapy, and when victims are testifying in court.

Therapy dogs can be very beneficial for people and are known to boost morale. (See Resources.)



There are many programs that can assist you with training and offer formal assessment for applications to various workplaces and settings where a therapy animal can offer comfort and support. You can enjoy your dog as a very much beloved best friend whilst also enjoying excursions helping other people anywhere from a few hours to a few days a week, depending on your and your dog’s availability and energy.

Within the Pet Professional Guild there are many trainers who specialize in the training of therapy dogs, and who would be more than happy to work with you and help you through the process of having your dog become a certified therapy dog.


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About the Pet Professional Guild Assistance Animal Division: Our volunteer committee includes a broad representation of pet professionals with a variety of skills and interests specific to assistance animals. We invite individuals and professional organizations interested in training, working with, and receiving support from animals who assist people in different ways to join PPG. Pet guardians can join for free, and as members will have access to additional pages on our website (along with some amazing vendor discounts). We look forward to welcoming you into an inclusive group that prioritizes humane treatment and welfare of both people and assistance animals!



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