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When Services Refuse Access to Assistance Dog Teams

Pet Professional Guild Member Let Down by Services That Promise Otherwise

Uber is a taxi service which is accessible through an app. Within the app you can book your driver and also let them know if you have an assistance dog. The idea is to help people to easily access the most local driver and have reassurance that they can go to their destination, with their assistance dogs, in peace.

A service dog and handler team
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However, some Uber drivers over the last five years have been refusing access to Ruby Welsford and Millie Gee (and others- see below). It is illegal for Uber to refuse access to assistance dog teams, as stated within the company policy.

Ruby has taken to recording her interactions to document what is happening and the treatment from drivers, from claiming allergies to driving off. These types of interactions are deeply distressing for Ruby, Millie and other assistance dog teams, some of whom include vulnerable adults who need their assistance dogs to function and to stay safe both out in the community and at home.

The One Show has highlighted this issue and although Uber has apologized and said that in the future drivers who do this will be removed from their service, the One Show and certain assistance dog teams do not feel that this is enough to reliably offer safety. Watch the short (5-minute) One Show clip here:

These concerns with taxi services are not localized to the British Isles. A search on Google brings up several complaints and a pending lawsuit. Googling will reveal several stories about rideshare companies denying access to service dog/assistance dog teams. Here are a few examples from North America:

And news about a 2022 lawsuit involving both Uber and Lyft:


Please support those who need help. If you are aware of any of these types of issues with Uber or Lyft, please do write to the companies and let them know.


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Tasha Attwood, Christina de Juan and Niki Tudge provided input for this article.


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