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The Surprising Similarities Between Dogs and Toddlers and How We Can Use Them to Make Us Better Pet Professionals

by Judy Luther In this post, I give a little insight into how dogs are much like toddlers when it comes to emotions and learning, and how teaching them like we teach toddlers can be so beneficial.   It was 2016 and I was heading to session #2 with a client who had a new puppy. During the first session, the mom confided she felt like she made a mistake getting a puppy with a toddler in the house, and she was considering sending the puppy back to the breeder.  When… Continued

Do Pets Experience Emotional Trauma?

[Trigger warnings: abuse, hostage-taking, kidnapping, threats of violence] I recently met a gentleman who, upon learning I worked with animals, stated “I don’t know how you feel about this, but I demand my dog do whatever I ask him to do, immediately when I ask, and I have no problem hitting my dog.” He also was quick to tell me his dog loved him and they had a great relationship. I later learned his dog is 14 years old. Well, no dog should be treated that way, but older dogs… Continued

Product Review: Wondercide®

All-Natural There is a lot of talk about flea and tick meds, and what is best for our dogs. Recently the topic has turned to all-natural products. I want to share my favorite all-natural flea and tick preventative.   We live in a heavily wooded area and have an overabundance of ticks, fleas, chiggers and mosquitoes. Many animals and humans suffer with pesticide exposure, and I wanted to reduce this for my pets and family. I do my best to avoid chemicals around our pets, family and the wildlife I… Continued

Tired of Furry Furniture? Try These Tips!

Why Do Pets Love to Get on the Furniture? There are many reasons, including some you may not have thought about: Comfort – Furniture is comfortable. Our pets need a soft cozy sleeping place to get good rest, especially as they age and start to have joint pain, etc. Security – Another big reason is being up higher than floor level gives your pets a better view of their surroundings. Only allowing your pets on the floor greatly reduces their environment and limits your pet’s ability to observe what is… Continued

Safety Tips for Dogs Who Love Water

When the weather turns warm, we all enjoy a cool dip in the pool.  Our dogs are no different.  Safety should always be a priority.  These tips will help your dog stay safe around water, so you can have a fun summer season.   Whenever your dog is around water make sure he/she is wearing a life jacket.  I teach my dogs that they can only swim if they are wearing their life jackets.  My dogs are also only allowed on a boat if they are wearing a life jacket.… Continued

That Crazy Puppy Behavior

Imagine this: You just finished cleaning up from dinner and are about to sit down and relax when it happens…….CRAZY PUPPY BEHAVIOR! Almost daily puppy parents ask me how to change crazy puppy behavior.  After discussing this with the puppy parents, I find most of this behavior happens in the evening.  Puppies are like little children; they get overtired after a long day.   Puppies need a lot of sleep. Most people don’t realize how much sleep a puppy needs.  Depending on the age, they need as much as 20… Continued

Ask a Trainer: Dog Digging Holes in Flower Beds

Q: “Help! My dog is digging huge holes in flower beds!” (This question was submitted via the Pets and Their People Facebook page.) A: There are several reasons your dog may dig in the flower bed. There may be critters such as moles in the flower bed, or they may be one of those dogs who like to hide their toys. Let’s say you have ruled out these two possibilities, there is another reason your dog may be digging. Social Learning One of the biggest reasons I have found that… Continued

Building Trusting Relationships with Pets

The most important thing you can do for your pet is to build a trusting relationship. Like children, dogs need to build a secure attachment with their caregivers. There are several things you can do to establish a secure attachment, resulting in a trusting bond:   Do’s Always anticipate and meet your pet’s needs. Is the water bowl empty? Is it cold outside and they need a sweater for warmth? Or is their favorite toy under the sofa and they need you to help to reach it? Spending time with… Continued