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Product Review: Wondercide®


There is a lot of talk about flea and tick meds, and what is best for our dogs. Recently the topic has turned to all-natural products. I want to share my favorite all-natural flea and tick preventative.


We live in a heavily wooded area and have an overabundance of ticks, fleas, chiggers and mosquitoes. Many animals and humans suffer with pesticide exposure, and I wanted to reduce this for my pets and family. I do my best to avoid chemicals around our pets, family and the wildlife I share my yard with, so it was important for us to find something safe.


While researching safe products I came across Wondercide®.  For the past 10+ years I have used Wondercide® to treat my yard, use it inside our home, and spray it on our dogs and ourselves. I have found it to be quite effective; in fact, third-party,  double-blind studies that have proven how effective Wondercide® is.



Here are some of the stats from the Wondercide® website. Wondercide® is:

  • Is proven to kill flea adults, larvae and eggs.
  • 99% effective at preventing flea eggs from hatching.
  • 98% effective in killing flea larvae.
  • Effective at killing adult ticks and nymphs.
  • 99% effective at repelling ticks.
  • 98-100% effective at repelling mosquitoes


To learn more about these studies visit the Wondercide® website.



The ingredients are safe too.  Wondercide® contains various steam distilled essential oils that are sources in the US.  Some of the ingredients are cedarwood (cat-safe cedar oil, which is properly diluted and doesn’t contain phenols or phenolic compounds), peppermint, lemongrass, coconut and rosemary.  So not only are they safe, they smell great.


Pets and Their People

Not only does Wondercide® work great on pets, it is effective for us humans too. On one very warm summer day, my husband and I decided to clean some of the brush from the wooded area behind our back fence. Before going outside, I sprayed myself with Wondercide®, and proceeded to get to work. BTW, I was wearing shorts a sleeveless t-shirt and flip flops. (I know not the best choice for clearing brush, but it was hot outside.)  My husband, on the other hand was wearing jeans, a long sleeve shirt and tennis shoes. When we came inside a couple hours later, I noticed my husband itching, he forgot to use Wondercide®.  I -on the other hand- not a bite.   This stuff really works.


So, if you are looking for an effective safe flea, mosquito and tick preventative, check out Wondercide®


Editor’s note: This information does not replace the advice or instruction given to you by your veterinarian.


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