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How Can Sniffing Improve Your Dog’s Life?

Our dogs make no secret of how much they love to use their noses and have a good sniff. Some dogs make a very respectable career out of their nose power, detecting drugs or explosives. Others though, put their noses to much more embarrassing use, crotch sniffing visitors or poking it where it’s really not wanted! So why is sniffing so important to your pet? And what can you do to fulfill their sniffing needs without any embarrassment?  As humans our primary sense is our sight, but for our dogs,… Continued

Top 5 Stress Busters for Pet Parents

Sharing your life with a pet can be wonderful; they offer us so much in companionship, comfort, and unconditional love. But let’s face it, pet parenting is tough. The responsibility of having a living creature completely dependent on you, and the desire for them to be well-behaved pet citizens can become overwhelming and a source of much frustration and anxiety. The simple truth is training any pet doesn’t always go as planned. Stumbling blocks and setbacks are completely normal and should be expected. There will be exercises and training that… Continued

How to Make Your Pet’s Space Cozy

We all have a favorite place to relax and unwind. For some of us it might be our bed, favorite chair or a peaceful reading area. Our pets are no different, and although they can’t curl up with a good book, they do like a comfortable, safe space to relax and rest.  Rest and relaxation is as important for our pets as it is for us. So how do you go about creating the perfect resting spot for your pet?  Choosing the right spot for your pet to relax The… Continued

How To Prepare Your Pet for Smoother Vet Visits

There’s no doubt about it, a trip to the vet’s office can be pretty daunting for both us and our pets. Whether it’s worrying over a busy waiting room with other animals around or stress about what might happen in the consultation room, anxiety for all involved can often run high.    Top Tips for Ensuring Smoother Vet Visits So how can you make the whole experience more relaxing for yourself and your pet?  Stay calm yourself The first thing you must try and do is reduce your own worry… Continued

Starting Off on the Right Paw with New Pet Introductions

Bringing a new pet home is always fun and exciting for us but how might our other furry family members feel? It could be a source of stress or worry so it’s always important to introduce new pets gently so everyone starts off on the right paw.  A Good Experience for Everyone You can actually begin whilst your new pet is still with their breeder, foster or rescue organization. Do some scent swapping by rubbing a blanket on your new pet and taking it home so your existing pet becomes… Continued