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How to Make Your Pet’s Space Cozy

We all have a favorite place to relax and unwind. For some of us it might be our bed, favorite chair or a peaceful reading area. Our pets are no different, and although they can’t curl up with a good book, they do like a comfortable, safe space to relax and rest

Rest and relaxation is as important for our pets as it is for us. So how do you go about creating the perfect resting spot for your pet? 

Choosing the right spot for your pet to relax

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick the right place, or even a few different places. Dogs love to feel safe and cozy. You can create a great space for your dog using a crate, playpen or an area in your home such as space under the stairs or a cozy corner.

Cartoon of a dog resting in an area with blankets and toys
You might need more than one safe space set up for your pet. ©Zigzag

Choose an area where your dog will feel happy. They might like to be close to you even when they are resting, or they might prefer to take themselves off to a quieter part of the house. You might need more than one safe space set up for your dog.

If you are looking to create a safe space for your cat, then their needs are slightly different. Cats tend to be most comfortable either somewhere very low, under beds and furniture or alternatively, up high like on shelves, ledges or on top of furniture, where they can relax but look out for danger. 

You will probably know which your cat seems to prefer and can then create a cozy space for your cat in their preferred location or, as with dogs, you may create a few different spaces for your cat to enjoy. 


Creating a safe, comfortable space for pets to unwind 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot, here’s what else your pet’s space will need:

  • Use plenty of soft blankets, pillows or a cozy soft bed in your pet’s area. 
  • Fill it with things your pet loves; your dog might like plenty of toys or your cat might want a scratching post to stretch those claws. 
  • Always have water available in your pet’s space and any food or litter trays they might need access to. 
  • Make sure it’s an area where your pet can rest undisturbed by any other pets or children in the household.
  •  A quiet area away from windows is often better, especially during times when fireworks may be going off or during loud storms. 
  • If you have a young puppy or an indoor cat, you will want to have a toilet area in your pet’s safe space too. 

There are no hard rules when creating a space for your pet; it can be as simple as a crate or bed, or elaborate as a whole bedroom or specific area tailored to your pet’s needs. If your pet is snoring or purring away, then you’re onto a winner. 

About the Author

Lisa Milleret, Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour (DipCAPBT Hons), ICAN Certified Animal Behaviourist is part of the Zigzag Puppy App Experts Team. Lisa grew up with a love for all animals but she always had a particular affinity with dogs and horses. She began studying with COAPE in 2007 and took the plunge in setting up her animal behavior practice in 2012 following completion of the level 5 diploma qualification. She has also worked with many rescue organizations including local dogs’ homes and breed specific rescues for beagles and basset hounds and she has a particular interest in teaching dog safety to children within schools.

The Zigzag logoZigzag is a puppy training app with a difference, rather than focusing solely on obedience we take puppy guardians on a journey through Life Skills and important developmental stages, to hopefully give them happy, confident and well-behaved puppies, with an understanding that puppies and dogs aren’t robots, they have big feelings, and that’s ok!

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