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Pet Professional Guild Announces Third International Chapter, PPG Singapore

PPG Singapore steering committee member Maureen Tay (center) is helping to spread the force-free message in South East Asia
PPG Singapore steering committee member Maureen Tay (center) is helping to spread the force-free message in South East Asia

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) continues with its quest to promote humane, scientifically sound training methods for pets worldwide with the opening of its first international chapter in South East Asia, PPG Singapore. The Singapore Chapter represents the third overseas launch in just six months, following the successful establishment of PPG British Isles and PPG Australia.

PPG is a pet industry organization that currently represents animal training, behavior and pet care professionals in over 26 countries, all of whom are committed to results-based, science-based, force-free methods. The new chapter will help PPG, a leading web provider of information on force-free dog training and pet care methods and services, educate the pet owning public regarding the differences in what is available to them when seeking dog training and pet care professionals.

“Setting up PPG Singapore is a huge step for a small nation like ours,” said Maureen Tay, one of six PPG Singapore steering committee members. “We have observed an increasing number of pet owners who are looking for a more humane approach to pet care. Now, we will be able to reach out to them and educate further afield, as well as support the growing number of force-free pet professionals in Singapore. Dog training for the past 40 years has largely been controlled by “traditional” trainers. Unfortunately, they are quite prevalent and many owners still buy into the idea that dogs need to be trained using force and coercion. Although we may be unable to convince these trainers that force-free training is the way forward, what we can do is educate the public and help them make a humane, educated decision.”

Tay is joined on the steering committee by Michelle Chan, Kristina Dieta, Poh Wee Boon, Jun Yeo and Michelle Chua. PPG Singapore will move forwards quickly with the launch of its own website, local branding and all other PPG benefits pertinent to its membership base in the region.

“At PPG corporate we always provide a high level of support to each of our chapters to ensure their membership enjoys the same expanse of benefits that others do,” said PPG president, Niki Tudge. “Scientifically proven, force-free, humane training methods for all animals are the future of our industry and it is a remarkably positive sign that our membership in Singapore is sufficiently motivated to open their own chapter to better service the pet owning community. This is not only good for pets and their owners, but also PPG members and the industry at large.”

PPG continues to go from strength to strength, with membership numbers on the rise, the recent launch of the Pet Professional Accreditation Board credentialing program for canine training and behavior professionals, and the inaugural PPG educational force-free summit taking place in Tampa, Florida from November 11-13, 2015.

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