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BARKS Podcast with Annie Phenix of Phenix Dogs

Join Niki Tudge and PPG Canine Committee chair Judy Luther as they Chat and Chuckle with Annie Phenix of Phenix Dogs about reactive dogs and Annie’s new project and book, Positive Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs: Proven Techniques to Help Your Dog Recover from Fear and Anxiety and Enjoy Walks Calmly (available in November 2022). Annie is the author of The Midnight Dog Walkers published in 2016, and is a Certified Behaviourist and Family Dog Mediator.   Listen to the Podcast with Annie Phenix here on your choice of platforms.… Continued

A Better Dog-Human Understanding

By Susan Nilson Marco Adda is a freelance dog behavior consultant, independent researcher, dog-human facilitator (or dog trainer if you prefer), animal advocate, and educator who is passionate about all things canine. He describes himself as a “globetrotter who moves through different continents” but is now considering settling in one place to set up his own canine center offering several programs of education, training, research, animal assisted intervention, and community activities around dogs, humans and other animals. In 2012, Adda initiated preliminary observations of Bali street dogs (BSD). The observations… Continued

BARKS Podcast with Rosie Robinson of Wuf Design

Join Niki Tudge and PPG Canine Committee chair Judy Luther as they Chat and Chuckle with Rosie Robinson of Wuf Design in the UK about websites, lead generation, Google, and so much more. Rosie offers support from simple sites to full on e-commerce and has the digital solutions to ensure your business reaches the right customers.   Listen to the Podcast with Rosie Robinson here on your choice of platforms.   Or just stay on this page and click on the ‘Play’ icon below. Recorded July 11, 2022.   About Rosie… Continued

BARKS Podcast with Barbara Hodel of Goodog Positive Dog Training

Join Niki Tudge and PPG Canine Committee chair Judy Luther as they Chat and Chuckle with Barbara Hodel of Goodog Positive Dog Training in Bayview, New South Wales, Australia about all things Teen Dog! All dogs (and humans) have to go through the teenage phase to reach the stability of adulthood. Some dogs breeze through this stage with barely a glitch, but most of us will have a challenging time. It is normal to sometimes feel despondent or disappointed because we thought we did everything right when they were puppies and now… Continued

Help the Animals in Ukraine – Inspiring Fundraiser Update

By Dr. Marina Bayeva   Dear Supporters, I am happy to bring you the latest update for the Help Animals Survive the War in Ukraine fundraiser – both the big picture and the individual shelter updates. Highlights include:   Animals finding new homes even during the war Expanding capacity by building new enclosures to take in even more animals Kitten and puppy season and the need for more spay/neuter access Delivering food all over Ukraine for animals on the streets, in home shelters, and beyond A brand new wood-burning stove to… Continued

The Value of Non-Verbal Communication

By Angelica Steinker Consent testing is an informal experiment which allows a dog to offer consent regarding a specific situation. Via her body language the dog communicates a yes or no response. This information is used to: • Improve the quality of life of the dog. • Improve a training plan. • Make behavior modification more effective. • Generally improve communication. The yes or no is determined by assessing the dog’s body language and observing for distance increasing or distance decreasing behaviors. Distance increasing behaviors are considered a “no” and… Continued

The Challenge of Breed Discrimination

By Kym Iffert  It was finally a beautiful day in Chicago so I grabbed my bag, my leash, a pocket full of treats and tennis ball and set out for a walk. The neighbors were out and it was the perfect opportunity for a social outing – but not for me and my dog. As we walked down the sidewalk, others may have looked, some would wave, a few may have offered a smile… and then crossed the street. Social pariah? No, just me and my Rottweiler out for a… Continued

BARKS Podcast with the PPG Advocacy Panel: Discussion #11 – The Top 10 Things We Can Do to Help Veterinarians Help Us Help Our Pets

The Top 10 Things We Can Do to Help Veterinarians Help Us Help Our Pets   Join the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) Advocacy Panel for a discussion on the Top 10 Things We Can Do to Help Veterinarians Help Us Help Our Pets. Pet guardians and pet professionals, we invite you to listen as panel members share their expertise in a fun, free-flowing format.   Your Moderators: PPG president Niki Tudge and PPG Advocacy Committee chair Don Hanson Your Advocacy Panel for this discussion includes: PPG Shelter & Rescue Committee chair K. Holden Svirsky, Kristi… Continued

The Click Starts the Behavior

By Yvette Van Veen A common expression used in clicker training is that the click “ends the behavior.” Rarely do we stop to think what this really means but it bears closer examination. Typically, the phrase indicates that dogs get reinforcement post-click, even if they have broken out of position. We click. The dog gets a cookie. There is no reneging. When I say click, I really mean marking the behavior. For the sake of clarity, I will also be using the word click to reference the wide array of… Continued

Thunder, Lightning and Barometric Pressure

By Carolyn Kocman Owners and caretakers can almost always recognize phobia related behaviors. Shaking, drooling, panting, restlessness, pacing, clinging to owners and hiding are all fairly overt and recognizable behaviors that can be triggered by such things as loud noises or thunderstorm activity. Immediate Recommendations for Panicking Dogs There are a number of things pet owners can do to comfort an animal that is in the throes of phobia related behavior. What follows is a list of more immediate recommendations. These are not tips on modifying the behavior and should… Continued

BARKS Podcast with Mychelle Garrigan of Pet Pro Marketing

Join Niki Tudge and PPG Canine Committee chair Judy Luther as they Chat and Chuckle with Mychelle Garrigan of PPG corporate partner, Pet Pro Marketing. Pet Pro Marketing provides digital marketing services for pet care professionals including website design, audits and maintenance, search engine optimization, content creation/copywriting, and social media/digital marketing strategy.   Listen to the Podcast with Mychelle Garrigan here on your choice of platforms.   Or just stay on this page and click on the ‘Play’ icon below. Recorded June 10, 2022.   About Mychelle Garrigan   Through Pet Pro Marketing Mychelle Garrigan… Continued

Building the ‘Super Learner’

By Kate Mallatratt One of my behavior colleagues posed a very interesting question recently, “If you always set your dog up for success and aim for errorless learning, are you not stunting your dog’s ability for critical thinking, limiting his opportunity to enjoy problem solving and shortening his fuse for frustration?” This excellent question raises several more in my mind: Can learning truly be 100 percent errorless? Does setting up a learning environment for a successful outcome really have a detrimental effect on a dog’s learning ability? Do mistakes actually… Continued

BARKS Podcast with Dr. Kristina Spaulding of Science Matters Academy of Animal Behavior

Join Niki Tudge and PPG Canine Committee chair Judy Luther as they Chat and Chuckle with Dr. Kristina Spaulding of PPG corporate partner, Science Matters Academy of Animal Behavior. The trio discuss upcoming Research Bites topics and so much more.   Listen to the Podcast with Dr. Kristina Spaulding here on your choice of platforms.   Or just stay on this page and click ‘Play’ below. Recorded June 3, 2022.   About Dr. Kristina Spaulding   Dr. Kristina Spaulding operates Science Matters Academy of Animal Behavior, which opened its doors in 2001 and quickly… Continued

Because Dogs Are Cool!

PPG Member Profile featuring Pet Professional Guild member Chris Lopez-Santiago of Happy Tails Pet Care in Orlando, Florida     Tell us a little bit about yourself, how you first got into animal behavior and training and what you are doing now…                                     Honestly, getting into animal behavior was not something I thought I would ever do. I knew I always loved animals of all types. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, and even insects and arachnids are fascinating to me. I’d often watch Zak George on YouTube to learn how to teach… Continued

Building Your Client an Effective Pet Training Program

This article presents guidelines for dog training professionals to help them build training programs for their clients, including lesson and individual session plans     By Niki Tudge When we are building an effective training program for clients and their dogs, we usually start the process by completing a full client intake procedure and going to the client’s home and completing the informant interview. From here, we should then be ready to build our client a training program that includes the Training Road Map, Individual Lesson Plans, and Hands-on Sessions.… Continued

Ask the Experts: How to Run a Dog Training Business Online

This article provides guidance on how to move an in-person dog training business to an online dog training business     By Veronica Boutelle   Q: I’m at a turning point with my dog training business and just don’t know how to move forward. During lockdown I had to shift my services online and while it was daunting to begin with, I ended up really enjoying it. It allowed me to spend more time at home and less time driving for hours in the car, and the results with clients were… Continued

A Complete Guide to Equine Enrichment

This article presents multiple suggestions for providing enrichment to our horses, including food puzzles and games, different turnout options, opportunities for social interaction, environmental enrichment, and feeding options     By Kathie Gregory   Enrichment is a word that is becoming increasingly used to describe how we do more than provide welfare to our companion animals. Awareness of enrichment is very high in the dog world, and there are plenty of ideas and products that cater for the different breeds, traits, and personalities to ensure dogs have a wide variety… Continued

A Masterclass in Enrichment

This article reports on some of the wonderful work being done by the teaching staff and students at a New England Technical High School to ensure their resident birds and animals have an array of enrichment opportunities available to ensure mental stimulation       By Sheila S. Blanchette As a professional certified parrot behavior consultant and trainer, I enjoy finding opportunities to improve my skills and also have a little fun along the way. As such, I volunteer at local animal rescues in my area and in doing so,… Continued

Scents and Sense-ability

This article examines a new study that explores the importance cats place on an absent owner’s smell vs. their physical presence     By Andrea Carne   “Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.” – Helen Keller   Olfaction – the sense of smell – I’m sure we are all aware that it’s incredibly important to many species, including humans and dogs. However, I would wager there are many that don’t realise how important it also is for… Continued

10 Steps for a Happy Office Dog

This article provides suggestions and advice for ensuring your dog feels safe and happy as an office dog, as well as pointing out the signs of stress to look out for     By Chantal Hughes We know there is a link between happiness in the workplace and increased productivity. Findings from research coming out of Virginia Commonwealth University in the USA report that “[m]an’s best friend may make a positive difference in the workplace by reducing stress and making the job more satisfying for other employees.” (Barker et al., 2012). Great… Continued

New Beginnings

This article relates the impact the pandemic had on one professional dog trainer’s business and how it empowered her to make life-changing decisions about her future – both personally and professionally By Gail Radtke In April 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic, I closed my dog training facility that I had been operating in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, and moved all the equipment into my garage. Like so many other people at the time I was unsure, unprepared, and overwhelmed, but knew I had to make fast decisions… Continued

Teaching My Hound NOT To Hunt

This article details how a dog obsessed with chasing squirrels learned, through repetition and reinforcement of an alternative behavior, to leave the squirrels alone By Karen Baragona Shhhh. Can you keep a secret? I used to HATE walking my dog. Why? Because my neighborhood is full of squirrels, and every time my dog saw one, she went freak-show crazy. Airborne. Yowling, lunging, sometimes even pulling me off my feet and dragging me along the sidewalk. People literally stopped and stared. Windows flew open and heads craned out to investigate the commotion.… Continued

Car Woes: A Tale of Botched Socialization

This article tells the tale of Huckleberry, a dog fearful of riding in the car, and the importance of moving at the dog’s pace when engaging in a DS/CC protocol By Karen Baragona Poor shivering, quivering Huckleberry. Not because it’s cold out; she couldn’t care less about that. This is fear. Huckleberry is about to experience something that makes most dogs jump for joy, and she’s beside herself with fright: She’s going for a ride in the car. Part of this is my fault. When we adopted her, Huckleberry was… Continued

Punishment in Animal Training

This article examines the growing body of research indicating that reward-based training, and the subsequent absence of stress, anxiety, pain, force, and fear, may improve an animal’s ability to learn; and that aversive training techniques can have adverse effects on a dog’s behavior       By Susan Nilson and Niki Tudge   The United Nations (UN) Committee on the Rights of the Child (2006), defines corporal or physical punishment as “any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, however light…Physical punishment… Continued

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